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Guided tour at the steel factory "Acciai Speciali Terni" | Visita guidata alle acciaierie "Acciai Speciali Terni"

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Visit to Thyssenkrupp Terni Steelworks

In 1884 the "Society of High Furnaces, Foundries and Steelworks in Terni" was establish and Terni became the first headquarter of the Italian iron and steel industry. This was not only decided by the still existing operations, but also by the availabiliity of skilled labor, its strategic geographical position and the potentially large amount of available hydro power. Nowadays it is called the Thyssenkrupp Special Steel Factory. of Terni. The company is active in the production and distribution of specialized steel ( steels, low alloy and carbon). It is an important manufaturer in the global market. Thyssenkrupp produces 1.5 million tons of steel per year.

The tour will start in the historic library of the factory, with a short video presentation of the company. The tour continues with a visit inside the steelworks and the hot rolling mill. Ending with a visit to the forges of the company. 

Note: This visit is free of charge, with the BeeCard

Times: 9.30 am - 12.00 am

Minimum age: 15 years old

Clothing: comfortable and adeguated clothing

Meeting Point: entrance to the factory - V.le B.Brin, 218 - Terni |  http://bit.ly/14wCBKn

Car Park: on the right side of the street, just after the "Fabbrica d'Armi" | http://bit.ly/XPgUy2


Visita guidata alle acciaierie "Acciai Speciali Terni" 

Il percorso ha inizio con una visita guidata alle Acciaierie di Terni. Costituita nel 1884, la “Società degli Alti Forni, Fonderie e Acciaierie di Terni”, trasformò la città di Terni nella sede del primo complesso siderurgico italiano. La visita guidata alle odierne acciaierie Acciai Speciali Terni, avverrà ad attività produttiva in funzione.

N.B. Visita gratuita con la BeeCard

Orari: 09:30 - 12:00 

età minima: 15 anni

abbigliamento: abiti e calzature adatti alla circostanza.

ritrovo: ingresso Acciaieria - V.le B.Brin, 218 - Terni | http://bit.ly/14wCBKn

parcheggio auto: sul lato destro dopo la Fabbrica d'armi | http://bit.ly/XPgUy2